Redesigning Learning for the 21st Century Learner – Privacy and web 2.0 Tools

My mother, God bless my mother because I love her to death, but people, she still pays bills by driving to the local drug store. I can’t understand it. I try to tell her, “Ma we can do this online”, but she refuses. She worries so much about her identity being taken. Now the funny thing is she has a Facebook account which I don’t understand.

Privacy is a major concern for most reluctant social media users and users like my mother have every right to be concerned. Social media privacy settings are not streamlined and can be very tricky. Take Facebook for instance, although a user can change all of their privacy settings to what they think is ghost like, Facebook considers everything a user does on the site data. As a result, they have all rights to data and can do whatever they want with it, like sell to marketers to target your profile with advertisements.

Privacy goes beyond marketing. There can be harsh repercussion for people in their work place for sharing personal activities. Depending on the company’s morale and ethics policies some social media content, like a picture having a cocktail at dinner with friends can be a violation that could cost a user a job. There have been several incidents where users spoke ill about their company or manager and were not protected by the privacy settings they thought they set and it post got back to their employer.

The point of it all is it is important to know the privacy settings of each platform you’re using. Stay abreast of changes always and be mindful of what the content you post. Additionally, people are being recorded for doing inappropriate things in society and are going viral in a negative way and it is costing them their jobs. Privacy issues regardless of social media usage are concerns we all have to protect ourselves against nowadays.