Educational Tools – Google Drive

We all have done it before. We all have that one horror story about an assignment we actually worked on. We spent extensive hours working to complete it before the submission deadline and something goes wrong. The wheel of death freezes your computer, the black screen of death takes over your HP, or the ghost delete rapidly begins deleting all your work and then auto-saves at the end of its slow destruction of your educational life.

We all know the feeling. The feeling of disbelief. The feeling that your professor will not believe this happened to you. The feeling of how am I going to explain this? The feeling of I am literally dead if I don’t figure this out. We think about all of the rebuttals to the excuse we’re about to provide about what happened. The “Well why didn’t you save it on a back-up drive or external hard drive”, or “Why didn’t you save multiple copies/versions”, or the one we get most now, “Why didn’t you save it to the cloud or on Google Drive”? So, pause and try to pick our hyper-beating hearts up off the floor. We look at the time remaining and attempt to collect ourselves and starting writing again with the hope of recreating the initial magic we put into our first attempt.

During my graduate studies, I was working on my a 15-page paper and my HP computer crashed while I was working on page 13. I was devastated. I was struggling to get started and ended up taking a day off from work to work on the assignment. It was around 11:30pm when it happened to me. I was able to get the laptop back up around 12:45 but the paper was gone. I was fortunate to find a program that scrubbed the laptops hard drive to retrieve the file. Through web searches, I learned that nothing is ever deleted off your unit only archived where you can’t find it.

Unfortunately, it took other events similar to this for me to finally learned the valuable lesson of leveraging cloud storage. Google Drive does just that. If you’re used to using Microsoft office tools, Google drive is essentially those tools in a cloud base format. You can upload work you’ve been doing such as a word file to the drive and you can access it as a Google Doc anywhere you can get on the internet. Google has an Excel and Power Point equivalent as well as a Word equivalent. Cool things about Google Drive, are you can allow others to see or work on the document by sharing the link with them. In addition to this, users can save media to Google Drive as well, such as picture and videos. All of these items can be shared with a link and can be uploaded or embedded into sites. Please save yourself the heartache, use Google Drive or some could base platform to save your work. You’ll thank me in the end.