Educational Tools - Educreations

Educreations is on of my favorite teacher tools to use to model for students. Its an online interactive whiteboard that allows users to record and screencast their work, such as think-alouds and other procedures. Users can annotate on the whiteboard in real-time and audio record as their writing. Users can also upload images to be annotated on as shown in the Math example below.

Also, this is a great resource for students to independently or collaboratively model their thought processes as they think through assignments, like solving Math problems or citing text to support an inference or main idea. Teachers can create classes and push content to the entire class or simply share a link by copying the link address or embedding it into one of their instructional social media accounts.

How powerful is this level of data driven instruction when students can articulate their thinking to solve math problems, comprehend text, or reason through responses? Check out educreations at

What are some innovative ways you could use educreations to transform your classroom instruction?