Journal Reflection

I created this site over a year ago and the development of it has been slow to say the least. I have allowed everything possible to get in my way from school to work to laziness. These were all excuses I used to hide from my truth. The reality is I was worried about peoples' perceptions. Its a strange notion to me when I think about it. I'm on several social media platforms where I share personal content and have developed an online reputation that has changed over the years. However this was different.

I realized there were two major issues that were hindering me from developing this site. The first was I can't control who has access to the content I post. This is a website and unlike social media sites and applications like snapchat, facebook, instagram, and linkedin, anyone who can browse the link has access to this site. As a result, I was concerned about how it would be perceived, because it was my work I was displaying for the world to see.

So the second issue was sharing my work. I am normally well received and complemented for my passion and desire to help educators enhance their practice to support 21st century learners. A snapshot of my survey feedback from my most recent professional development workshop demonstrates this.

However, I put up a block that prevented me from opening up to the world. During this particular professional development, I was talking to educators about the world of 21st century learners, how it relates to their own personal lives, and how we all love to digitally document our lives and share it with the world through social media.

In the moment, I realized I was talking to myself. As much as I was trying to help these educators support their students learning needs by sharing the great things that are happening in their classes, I was trying to convince myself to do the same.

I'm currently taking my last elective course at Florida State for my doctoral degree, EME 6414. It is an intensive Web 2.0 course and it's Great! I thought I knew a lot about web resources for education but I find myself learning something or thinking differently about how we could utilize Web 2.0 tools to support learning. The biggest takeaway I've realized is the required course work helped me get over the hump and get out of my own way. I even tweeted this week. :) So the lesson I'm learning is not to be afraid to use the internet to share your work.