Educational Tools - Padlet

I call Padlet the Walmart of 21st century instruction. It is literally the one stop shop tool that can immediately transform classroom instruction to support 21st century learners. In this post, I will provide four examples of some of the great things you can do with Padlet to enhance instruction.

Digital Project Presentation

Remember the old science fair board that cost $20 and was required for your 4th grade science project. Remember the sadness you felt for having to throw it away after the science fair season was over? Remember your parents forcing you to throw it away because they got tired of it taking up unnecessary space years later? Well there is no need to worry about lugging that gigantic future waste product around anymore. Padlet is a great tool that allows students to curate resources into one digital board. Students can upload files like word and excel documents, link other websites, post images, and video recordings to create a dynamic presentation of their project . Instead of the old school science board, as a student's station for their science fair projection, students can simply setup their Padlet presentation on a computer, laptop, or mobile device. For teachers, it’s easy to assess projects anywhere using the app or by visiting the website.

Formative assessment and Collaboration

Teachers can use padlet to ask questions to formatively assess their class quick and easily. Teachers have the capability to monitor responses and release them before others can see them or allow for real time responses to engage their classes in discussion. I have used Padlet many times in my professional development workshops to have participants respond to questions and read the feedback of others. The image below shows and example of participants sharing their thoughts about what digital learning looks like in a science class.

Digital portfolio

Padlet is a great tool to use to maintain a digital portfolio. In my work, I support many education initiatives where it is important to document progress and easily share. Unfortunately, some tools, such as google classrooms, have limited accessibility. Padlet is a tool that can be accessed by anyone anywhere they can get on the web. A user can link other sites and resources to it for others to view. When working with school districts, as an outside consultant, where firewalls prevent email communications, Padlet has been a great work around. I’ve been able to post, links to google docs, to establish communication logs, instructional support schedules, google folders of artifacts from our work, and more in an online digital portfolio that’s easy to share. The image below is an example of this.

Community Sharing

Although we’re in the 21st century and social media is a common as a daily newspaper in the 90’s some people still have reservations about signing up and connecting with people this way. Padlet has provided a great alternative to allowing community members not ready for social media to engage in the digital sharing of what’s going on in a school setting without having the concerns of social media. The link below shows an example of a STEM event that was shared with stakeholders of the school district using Padlet.