Professional Learning Network

Social Media can be a great place to meet new people and learn new things. It is also a great resource to enhance your profession. One of the greatest benefits about the networked individual is the ability to seek out resources specifically tailored to a person's personal or professional goals. Here are a few social media sites that can be used to enhance your professional learning network.


Linkedin is a great place for career opportunities and to make professional connections. Advertise your educational and career accolades to connect with similar people or attract others interested in your experiences. Join interest groups to learn something new or offer insight from your area of expertise. Linkedin can help enhance your marketability and professional network.


Twitter is an outstanding platform to get up to the second news and information in an extremely minute consumable message called a tweet. Tweets are only 140-280 characters so post are concise. Images and links can be attached to tweets to provide more context or information. Educators interested in following other classrooms, educational resources, or educational news may find twitter a great place to receive quick up-to-date notifications

Instagram (IG)

Insta or the gram as many call is the place most people go to simply look at videos and images. Educators can leverage IG to share exciting activities or record memories like a digital year book that everyone can see.


Facebook, the grandaddy of them all, is one of the social media originals and is essentially all of these sties rolled into one. A person's Facebook experience can be whatever they want it to be. Most school districts have Facebook pages along with their district website for stakeholders to join and follow news and activities. This may be a great way to use Facebook as a classroom educator. Sharing the phenomenal daily activities of learning in a class may be a great way to enhance classroom and community engagement.

If ever concerned about leaving a digital footprint, simply create social media personas completely independent of who you are. This will not help the educator that would like to share their students' awesomeness, but you can still create independent professional accounts with names that are not associated to you. Alternatively, you can change your personal account name and settings to enhance the security of your digital footprint.