Dr. Ligon is our assessment expert at EES. He has worked on several large-scale state assessment projects including the Engage NY New York State Testing Program, Florida’s Standards Assessment, Hawaii’s State Assessment, Indiana’s Learning Evaluation and Readiness Network Assessment, Indiana’s Alternate Measure Assessment, Northwest Evaluation Association’s Measures of Academic Progress, Ohio’s Graduation Test, Utah’s Student Assessment of Growth and Excellence, and the Smarter Balanced Assessment. Dr. Ligon enjoys helping educators

  • accurately unpack math content standards from the test developer’s point of view,

  • understand various item types and the way content standards can be assessed through each item type,

  • align lessons to better prepare students to make sense of problems derived from content standards,

  • develop formative and summative assessments that prepare students for large-scale state assessments, and

  • prepare students for the rigor of state testing.

If your school is looking to make math gains on your next state assessment contact EES.

Don't Stress about the Test


EES works directly with teachers and students in the classroom to provide best practice strategies to support student learning. 

Instructional Support


EES works with educators to develop an individualized plan for their school to be successful. Although many schools are similar, no two schools are the same. EES values stakeholder input to identify areas of concern and develop the most appropriate education solutions. 

Plan for Success


EES takes pride in making mathematics make sense for students. The goal in our approach is to help educators get the most out of their students while helping to develop mathematically sound students that can make sense of problems; find concrete understanding in abstract mathematics; present reasonable responses and justifiable rationales; and to create a tool kit of strategies to persevere through any math problem. 

Making Math Make Sense